English Day 填問卷抽好禮! English Day Survey (2022-2023 Academic Year)

為了解本校學生語言學習情形,特於English Day舉辦填問卷拿好禮活動,期望透過同學們的回饋意見,了解同學們對語言學習的看法。同學們寶貴的意見將是本校推動雙語化學習和建立國際化友善校園的重要參考依據。
To facilitate a better understanding of the language learning situation of our students, we are inviting the students of CMU to complete the following survey. Our students' valuable feedback will serve as an important reference for promoting bilingual education and establishing an international-friendly campus in the future.


Please and you'll have a chance to participate in a raffle. 

好禮說明:填寫問卷的同學和教師可獲得100元超商禮物卡抽獎機會 (限額50名)。限本校教職員生參加。每位師生限填一次。敬請於問卷填寫真實姓名和聯絡方式。

Activity Period: December 22, 2022 (Thursday)
Gift Description: $100 convenience store gift card for 50 CMU students/teachers who fill out the questionnaire (Each student/teacher can submit only 1 survey.)



1. 獲獎學生名單將於12/27(二)前公告於雙語教學推動資源中心網站,並將Email通知信給獲獎師生。


2. 獲獎者須於12/30(五)前填寫領據,並繳交或郵寄領據至雙語教學推動資源中心。未於12/30前完成繳交領據之獲獎者,將視同放棄獲獎資格。


1. The list of awardees will be announced on the webpage of the Bilingual Education Center on December 27th and a notification letter will be emailed to the awardees. 

2. Awardees must complete a payment receipt and submit it to the Bilingual Education Center before December 30th (Fri). Awardees who do not submit their receipts by December 30th will be disqualified from getting the gift card.



If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
TEL: 04-22053366 #1653
MAIL: adm26@cmu.edu.tw