2022 Christmas Event : English Day


To celebrate the arrival of Christmas, the Bilingual Education Center will hold special Christmas activities on this heartwarming holiday. Welcome to join us!


在 2022/12/22(四) 當天將舉辦全英語特別活動 "English Day",邀請大家與外籍老師用英語交流同樂!


We will organize a special Christmas event called "English Day" on Dec. 22nd (Thu.)! Come and celebrate Christmas with foreign teachers! 

The Bilingual Education Center will also hold special events related to "international culture" from Dec. 19th (Mon) to Dec. 23rd (Fri). Please stay tuned!


時間:2022/12/22 星期四 (分為兩個活動場次)

地點:水湳校本部 關懷大樓琢玉園B2

活動簡介:歡樂英文歌曲合唱、趣味互動遊戲、聖誕文化與傳統習俗交流 等

主要參與外師:Steven 老師、Todd 老師...等





Registration information for English Day :

Time: Dec. 22nd (Thu.) (divided into two sessions)

Venue: B2, Zhuoyu Garden, Solicitude Building, Main Campus (Shui-Nan Campus)

Content: singing Christmas songs, playing interactive games, discussing Christmas culture and traditional Christmas customs, etc.

Main participating foreign teachers: Mr.Steven & Mr.Todd et al.
*In each session, the first 30 people who register for English Day will get a snack box (vegetarian) after the event! Sign Up Now!

Registration link:https://portal.cmu.edu.tw/questionaryLoginForm.do?questionaryDn=ou=cyt10201669254261079,ou=activity,o=ldaproot&type=2  (log in through CMU Campus Portal)

*If you want to cancel the registration, please email to adm26@cmu.edu.tw , thank you.