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Items Directions
Longman English Interactive pdf  
MyET(My English Tutor) software 1.For In-service Master's Program students:
Account: Student ID number
Password: Birthday (YY/MM/DD)
2.other students and faculties :
When you enter the MyET website, please choose Taiwan server to apply your account.
Fun-Day(English & Japanese) 1.Studnets:
Account & Password: Student ID number 
e-mail: ABCde123@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Account & Password: ABCde123
GEPT Online Rehearsal Test 1.Studnets:
Name & Password: Student ID number
Name: Identity card number
Password: Identity card number
Active Reading 1.Students:
Account & Password: Student ID number
Name: school mail account
Password: Birthday (YY/MM/DD)
E.g. e-mail: ABCde123@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Studio classroom(Advanced)- Health chapter 1.Please use internet explorer browser to glance the web.
2.Please turn off the pop-up blocked function.


 Chinese Learning Resources

Basic Description
Journal of Chinese Culture for Children 1.Pronunciation and basic oral drills
2.Introduction to basic Chinese  grammar
3.Basic vocabulary building
Let’s going to learn Chinese
Mandarin’s phonetic symbols(New Edition)
Intermediate 1.Comparison of cultures
2.Introduction to geography, customs and culture of Taiwan and China
Speak Mandarin in 500 words (interactional class)
Intermediate Chinese
Common Chinese Sentence Patterns
1.Study of Chinese arts, legends, tales, slang, and idioms, etc.
2.Introduction to Chinese fiction, prose, poetry, magazines and newspapers, and contemporary Taiwanese short stories, etc.
36 Strategies
Chinese for Junior High School Level


 Practical Nursing English

Practical Nursing Englishmp3 Gastric Cancerwmv
Diabetes-1wmv Diabetes-2wmv


 Online Videos

Eco Life
Eco-Tech 2. Powering Up
Eco-Tech 4. Zero Waste
Medical & Health
Food, Health and Exercise
Cleaning and Sanitation in the Food Industry
Trace the History
Witness to History (3) 1920~1929
Witness to History (4) 1930~1939
Tips for Jobs
Making A Good Impression: Resume, Interviews, Apperance


 Book List

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