Goal & History

The Language Education Center at China Medical University was established to assist the development of English proficiency of staff and students, to provide a platform for foreign language collaboration, and to expand the school’s view of globalization. The English language is a key element of successful participation in today’s fast-paced and competitive international community. The Language Education Center provides the language courses and services needed to allow students to become proficient and functional members of modern society. In addition, we also offer Chinese language programs and Chinese medicine courses for foreign students.

  • The purpose of the Language Education Center is to:
  • hold the English displacement test,
  • strengthen language teaching lectures,
  • cultivate effective materials,
  • offer Chinese language programs,
  • manage the English Corner and Multi-media Classroom,
  • provide thesis-editing consulting.

The language Education Center, established in 2007, has expanded its facilities in the Multi-media classroom and created a cozy English-speaking environment called English Corner, located on the third floor of the Li-Fu Education Building. Collaboration with the General Education Center has equipped us with several self-directed language learning systems including Tell me more, Live DVD, GEPT, Active Reading, Longman, Fun-day, etc.






Chiu-Ying Chen Director 1653 Decision-making
Language teaching investigation
English thesis editing
Deng Shiang Yang Assistant 1653 Administration
English displacement test
Lecture management
English activities
Multi-media Classroom
Jeffrey Conrad Scientific Writing Editor 1577 consulting
Chao-Ling Chen Scientific Writing Editor   consulting